What Clients Say About Their Akashic Records Experience

“I am so appreciative of Stevie Levine for sharing with me her wonderful ability to work in the Akashic Records. My consultations with Stevie (and the Record Keepers) have helped guide me to a new awareness of self and all that surrounds us. The recognition I received during my readings have helped open and heal many of my “wounds” that lay so heavily on my heart and mind. Stevie has enabled me to recognize my life difficulties and achievements with new perspective so I can further my own positive growth. I am sure Stevie will speak to your heart and mind and EMPOWER YOU!

I am ever so grateful to Stevie and the Record Keepers!”

— Andrea Philbrick

“A friend told me that Stephany was able to look into life records and provide answers to questions they’d had all their life, and that if I had any, should see her too. I was skeptical, of course, but being open-minded decided to give it a try…

From childhood until my first personal consultation with Stephany in 2009, I had an unsettling feeling of being abandoned. I have never been abandoned and had no clue why I had always felt that way. As a capable adult, however, didn’t worry too much about it figuring it was nothing I could control and just dealt with it.

Stephany was able to open my records and learn that I simply misunderstood something I “thought” I heard when I was a small child. She said she was told that what I heard didn’t have anything to do with me, that I just assumed it did.
She described the house I lived in at the time of the incident, as well as the length of my hair and the style I wore it; even describing the clothing I was wearing. I was so excited, as she was spot on with the details. Consequently, I haven’t thought about being abandoned since.

Aside from the main question I had, we talked about other feelings that I’ve had for years and the answers she provided felt so right. Time flew by and I could have asked a thousand more…

I would suggest you take a list of specific questions so that you don’t forget to ask the important ones. It was an amazing experience! I can’t wait to see her again!!”​​​​​​​

— T. George, Jacksonville, FL

The Akashic Record is a source of knowledge that reminds the immortal Soul of its truth as its human vehicle journeys through this lifes purpose. It is important to find a consultant who not only accesses the records, but can hear the questions of the soul, the heart and the human mind and differentiate. These vehicles may be working in harmony or be in direct conflict with each other.

Steph has the uncanny abilty to really listen and hear what is going on with a person and help formulate the questions to the Masters so that the answers hit home. When Steph first read my records, I thought perhaps that our relationship would get in the way. Steph became my “little sister” when our siblings married forty some years ago. She knew me and the family and our history. But it was obvious to me that she becomes a clear channel for Divine expression and is above her own mind. 

When she reads for me we kind of have a role reversal and I feel like the little sister as she delves into the knowledge of the Universe on my behalf. I love you little sister and would recommend you and your humble, loving being to anyone wanting to progress their spiritual, mental and physical values.

— Lynn Martin-Huber​

“What greater knowledge is there than the knowledge of how one operates and why learning about oneself is so valuable to becoming a wholly integrated person? ​
Stevie’s reading of me from my record keepers gives me valuable insights and understanding into what positive and negative forces operate within me, forces of which I may not be conscious.
This allows me to develop in the direction that I choose to move by eliminating patterns or habits of which I had not been aware. These readings have enriched my life and encouraged me to reach great harmony within myself. Thank you, Stevie, for helping me become a better person.”

— Sue Ann Blumenthal


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Bob Woody

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