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Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • How do I know what I need to change?
  • Are your afraid to change?
  • Are you afraid of change?
  • Are you afraid to try new things and step out of your norm?
  • Where should I go?
  • How will I get there
  • What will happen if?

I know I have asked these questions myself. 

When these questions have come to me, I was feeling anything but empowered. I was afraid, lonely and sometimes, even feeling hopeless. There isn’t anything worse than feeling that way.
I have been blessed to feel my way to and through change and evolution and have come to like it. I know that it is the lack of proper knowledge and/or tools in any situation, that causes me to fear.

How equipped are we to learn appropriate actions?

Tools can come in many different forms. A new prospective, a new idea, an new boundary, a new hammer, are all examples of tools.

Many of us, did not have the proper tools given to us, during our growing up years – to know how to create a happy life -to know how to work within changing times, situations, or issues.
This is not to blame our parents. In many instances, they hadn’t received enough information or knowledge to pass on to us either; and let’s be honest, many of us, didn’t want to listen to them even if they had the “right” information for us anyway!!!!

Our lives are multi-focused. WE all have financial, emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual and relational aspects to our life. Those are alot of subjects, information, skills and knowledge that our parents had to teach us about.

When we don’t get knowledge in any one area, growing up, we usually become aware of some hiccup that causes us to wonder why our life has not gone, or is not going the way we want it to or thought it would.

As adults, when we come to this realization, it is our responsibility to first understand that we are not happy about something, and then to seek out and gather the knowledge that will aid us in moving forward.

That is, if we are willing to grow. That is, if we are willing to become responsible adults. Admitting that we are not all knowledgeable can be a humbling experience. It is important to seek out change within the context of a safe and loving space.

A Continuing Spiritual Journey

My own spiritual journey constantly continues. As Spirit, (I use the term Spirit to mean, Father, Mother, God, Creator and Source at once) communicates what it is I am to do next, I listen – sometimes, with resistance, but mostly with a deep gratitude for the Connection; and a humble prayer that my Connection grow stronger with less and less resistance every moment.

I have learned that LOVE, which is the basis for all life, is the absence of FEAR. The more deeply I become heart centered, rather than mind centered, the more I learn to love every person, situation, or decision,which allows greater closeness to God, which creates a greater connection and less resistance. It enables me to “hear” more, understand bettter, and become more of who I desire to be.

I have learned that fear many times stems from lack of knowledge.

It took me far longer than I would have liked, to learn, that when I am afraid, I can leave that fear behind me by asking what it is that I don’t understand about the situation, the person, or the superstition. In asking those questions, I can decipher the true basis of the fear. In deciphering it, I can move forward in the direction that will allow me to dissolve the fear.
Sometimes, I have required help to dissolve my fears. I have been blessed throughout my life with good and many teachers. I have learned the meaning of the biblical statement, that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

I was asked to read Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach, at the recommendation of one of my early business teachers and mentors. I have always loved the statement that comes from that book which goes like this – from a scene with Jonathan and Fletch –
“It is good to be a seeker. But sooner or later, you will be a finder, and then it is good to give back to the world a gift for those who will accept it.”
My joy is in giving back and in holding the space for those who are looking for the lessons I teach.



The Akashic Records reading that Stevie did gave me important insight into some issues I have been coping with my entire life. She found a connection to a previous life that helped me understand the struggles I have in this one.
Kim Deppe

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