By Stevie Levine

April 2016

Just a Catch UP note or two!
How has your month gone? Doesn’t it seem as though March has flown by? As a matter of fact, isn’t this year flying by!

We’ve had family from Minnesota most of March. Our cousin Barb arrives on Thursday for a long weekend. As I type this, I realize how blessed we are to have all of our Minnesota family. Uncle Benny is 90 years old, still able to travel, makes at least 300 hats every fall for the homeless and takes pictures like no one’s business! He and his son, Bill Levine visited this year. (My husband is also a Bill Levine). The two Bill’s always get a chuckle when they are in each other’s home town and get introduced as Bill Levine too!! 

I look forward to starting classes again to finish out the spring season. Several have asked for Level I. Please see the Calendar for schedules.
A couple of people have expressed interest in becoming Certified Consultants and then Teachers – I am working on a unique concept to “round out” the Akashic Evolution Certification Program. Congratulations on wanting to take this step!
On the 16th of this month, I will be in Fort Walton Beach with a new Aura Machine – taking pictures; and utilizing the Records to help interpret them. 

Thank you to Becky Gregory, who introduced me to Jan Myers, owner of the STONE SOUP SHOP. Jan will be hosting this one day event. Other vendors will be there as well, including Becky, who is a hypnotherapist and runs the Bars (Access)! I will be utilizing the Aura machine in classes as well as in different show venues. More about this later! 

In May, I will have been involved with the Radio show for one year although I don’t think we actually got going until June! I still love doing it, especially when it comes to researching a subject for the show, titled Empowering Evolution. The station is The show airs at 10:30 Central time on Mondays each week. Thank you to Boni Oian for introducing me to RAVEN, our Talk Show Maven and Founder of Amazing Women of Power Internet radio show. Boni wrote “Claim Your Life” and created a Certified Instructors course as well! 

Finally, my website is slowly getting a redo! It’s needed it. Come visit!!!
Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU for allowing me to come into your lives! I am so blessed to know you!
Blessings, Stevie