Akashic Record Consultations

A Consultation may be your first step into the World of the Akashic Records!

A Consultation may be your first introduction to understanding more about Akashic Records!

How can  an Akashic Record Consultation Help YOU? It can:

  • Bring clarity to your life’s purpose
  • Assist in clearing all kinds of blocks- emotional, career, and relationship
  • Deepen your connection with the Divine
  • Explain that which may have been before unexplainable
  • Delve into Past Lives
  • Work with your Animals through the Records
  • Create a working team to gather ideas, further plans, and so much more!
These are just a few of the MANY benefits of an Akashic Record Consultation.

Clients often ask – “Where are you getting this information from?”

The explanation that seems most easily understood is this. Imagine a library in the sky. The librarians are called the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. They are ENERGY beings of LIGHT. When you knock at the library door and ask to open a Record, they go to the appropriate shelf and open that book. That book contains all past, present, and future information regarding the Soul for whom the consultation is for – whether for yourself or someone else. The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones answer as they KNOW what is appropriate information for you to have and – more importantly – WHEN. And yes, consultants, especially,  open their own Records too!!
When an appointment is set, the intention for that consultation begins to form.
​Each client is asked to bring a few questions to the consultation.  This allows the consultation to be tailored to the clients wants/needs/desires. After signing a consent form and settling in – the consultation will begin. 
The consultant opens the Akashic Records with a prayer that is sacred. This allows the consultant to align to the vibration of the one receiving the consultation (either ourselves or another) and gives Divine protection over the client, consultant, and consultation.

The client is then asked to state their first question. Most times, the questions contain an opportunity for the Masters to give information that not only answers the question itself, but which strikes a chord deep within that the client may not even be aware of. That can, in and of itself take the consultation on a path before unknown to the client. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to bring an abundance of questions!! 

The “extra” information given, often brings forth information beneath the surface, which will support you in the NOW!
Clients often ask about past lives. These too are important questions. Answers will come to those questions briefly or in depth depending on whether the information is germane to helping with the main purpose for the consultation; or just for fun!
It is important to note that the IMMEDIATE INTENTION set for ALL Consultations is to work in DIVINE LIGHT for the Highest Good of ALL. ​​
A Consultant pledges to receive information from a Record that is “LEGALLY” opened. What does that mean? I have pledged to only ask for information about someone who is present in the consultation, has given me personally, permission to do a consultation, and who has signed a consent form.

I am however able to ask that I be given any information that would help my client to understand what THEY need to know; or what their part in a situation is; and what information they can be given.

When a Consultant gives a consultation, they are committing to allowing themselves to be a vehicle through which the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones give information. Information is given exactly as received. 

One word can be the KEY to opening a client’s understanding or belief in what is being said to them.

The client’s own openness and participation determines, to a large extent, what Spirit is able to bring forth.​​​Please remember that all counsel and healing given in the session is presented to assist you with your own consciousness. You may choose to share this experience with others. You are responsible for the results of their receiving the information as it is recounted or interpreted by you. For my part, the consultation is strictly confidential.
You may or may not, choose to follow any advice or counsel given. That is what FREE WILL is about here on this plane!! 
Spirit desires you to know, as I type this message, that it is the individual who is and always has been responsible for their actions and words. Our society, has created a scenario, in which it is easiest to blame others by not taking full responsibility for self and our actions. They want us to know, it is time for this to stop.
Please consider the overall impact of our moments together as we allow Spirit to move through our path. You may feel the effect immediately or after months, or both.
The healing energy of the Akashic Records allows us the freedom to choose Grace in all things; therefore, overriding any illusion we have created that causes us to believe we are separate from God/Spirit/Source.
There is no tool available today, that is as powerful as the Akashic Records, to help us to re-know our connection and oneness with God/Spirit/Source.

The Mechanics of the Consultation!

  • Set an Appointment
  • Receive a confirmation email – requesting you to bring questions that you would like to receive answers for
  • Arrive at the appointment a few minutes early
  • Sign a consent form
  • Begin the Consultation with a Prayer that is Sacred
  • The Consultation is about 1 Hour and 15 minutes long
  • Closing of the Records​​​​​​​​​​



Stephany was able to open my records and learn that I simply misunderstood something I “thought” I heard when I was a small child. She said she was told that what I heard didn’t have anything to do with me, that I just assumed it did.

She described the house I lived in at the time of the incident, as well as the length of my hair and the style I wore it; even describing the clothing I was wearing. I was so excited, as she was spot on with the details. Consequently, I haven’t thought about being abandoned since.

T. George, Jacksonville, FL

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