Akashic Records Classes

At this time, there are four Levels of Akashic Record Classes available. Each class within this initial series is designed to enhance one’s ability to increase comfort and familiarity as you utilize this beautiful tool – the Records. 

While the ability to work in the Records is only a matter of waking up the awareness one has, the degree of ease and comfort depends largely on the amount of discipline and regularity put into working with the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. The goal is to create a working relationship with them!
Each time a class is taken, whether it is a new class level or the same level repeated, a new depth of energy is reached; and therefore new awareness’s surface. 

Any Level I class, for example, will always have the same basic components that are required to be taught for that class. However, the amazingly wonderful part of taking the same class or more advanced classes, is that Spirit brings together those who are meant to be in each class; therefore making the experience, knowledge and wisdom gained from each class different, exciting and beautiful.

Having been in many classes – those I took, and those I have taught – and having attended many conferences and several retreats, I can say that each class – whether a repeat of one I had previously taken or a new class – has given me a new depth of experience, comfort and feeling about working with the Akashic Record Energy!

Each class in this series, except for the Level IV, which is normally scheduled over two days – a Saturday and a Sunday afternoon. Level IV is a 3 day class, scheduled over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Akashic Record Class – Level I

Akashic Record Level I is the basic 101 class to learn about Opening the Records. Opening the Records, entails what it feels like to be in the ENERGY of the Records. Energy and Vibration are the key ingredients to entering this Sacred Realm.

It is not that many of us haven’t been in the Records knowingly or unknowingly on our own. It is that ability to know that you are working within the Energy consistently without fear or reservation that becomes the building block of the learning in this class.

In addition, when there is more than one gathered in the Energy, it is as if it is not just multiplied by the number gathered, but rather multi-fold.
Throughout any of the classes and gatherings the importance of this powerful tool, that of simply being together to work in the Energy, becomes a drawing force. Both days must be attended!​​

Akashic Record Class – Level II 

Level II – Learn How to Open Other’s Records
The object of taking Level II is to learn how to open another’s Records. You have learned now to give yourself a consultation, now you will learn how to give one for another! 

This is not only an expansion of what you did when you opened your own Record in Level I, it is a deepening of what you learned, as now, you are learning to feel the Vibration of another’s Energy, as well.

The joy of being able to access another’s Record, is amazing. In this class, which is very interactive, we work with each other, in exploring another’s Records.

You will learn to trust yourself more and more, as well to trust the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, more and more!​​

Akashic Record Class – Level III

Level III takes the student into the world of creativity and past lives via the Akashic Records. n this class we explore our past lives, through a series of interactive questions and answers received.

What is the importance of exploring past lives? It’s fun, to imagine ourselves living in a different time, place and life experience. We may also discover, something we have brought with us, that when cleared in this class, will enhance our lives and allow us to move on without an energy blockage. 

CREATIVITY! Writing is an easy example of using the Records for our creativity! We have only to open our Records and tell the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones what we are writing about and as for their help! 

There is so much more though. How about designing a house, or a quilt, or a crystal grid? How about learning to throw clay on a wheel? How about creating music? All this am so much more are talked about in the Level III class on Past Lives and Creativity. 

In addition, your life is deepened by the possibilities!
takes the student into the world of creativity and past lives through the Records. This class costs $300. You can choose to pay a deposit or the full amount. Click on the drop down box and choose the deposit amount of $125 or choose to pay the entire amount. Any remaining balance is due at first day of class.

Akashic Record Class – Level IV

Do you love the Records so much by now that you want to create a professional business with them? In this three-day class, the Masters will teach you so many things.

They will help you to formulate a plan for moving forward to create your business. They will impress upon you the further importance of the responsibility and integrity with which you embark upon this track. They will give you the opportunity to work with each other in processes that you may encounter in your daily business with the Records.

AND OH SO MUCH MORE – 3 days JUST never seems LONG enough!!!!


Stevie’s reading of me from my record keepers gives me valuable insights and understanding into what positive and negative forces operate within me, forces of which I may not be conscious.
Sue Ann Blumenthal

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