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Akashic Evolution Certifications

Like any other discipline, receiving a Certification from Akashic Evolution means that one has invested in themselves and in their skill set to achieve a more proficient level of understanding, discipline and knowledge.

There are three Certifications within the Akashic Evolution Family: a Certified Akashic Evolution Consultant; a Certified Akashic Evolution Teacher; and a Certified Compass Life Management Facilitator.

Each certification carries with it a high degree of comprehension, understanding and dedication to one’s own continued growth, and to providing the best service possible to those whom they serve.

When an individual reaches that Pinnacle moment of decision and realizes they want to become more proficient in the Akashic Records, and/or serve others, it is time to investigate Akashic Evolutions Certification Programs.

A student who decides to pursue Certification works directly with Stevie Levine, as well as with other teachers, who are dedicated to the Akashic Records and to Compass Life Management.

As Akashic Evolution grows, there will be Akashic Evolution teachers who will also assist the students who choose to grow through Certification.

The Certification process is explained in detail to those who wish to enter this level of dedication!

Rest assured there are no programs like it! It is a journey well worth taking!


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