Akashic Angels

Who Are The Akashic Angels?

In 2009, as I was beginning to put together classes for my “student teaching” there was a group of us, who after the first class, decided that in order to PRACTICE, we wanted to have a group that met regularly to do just that. 

We began meeting in February of 2009 and although some have come and gone, we have been meeting ever since! 

Each month, I receive a question, from the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, that we answer before we open our Records, and then answer again, once we have opened our Records. I receive all kinds of questions, which makes for an interesting evening. As with all Consultations, once we receive initial information, upon asking additional questions, we are able to go deeper to receive more information.

Journaling is a good part of working in the Records. Are YOU Surprised? If the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones keep track of every thought, word and deed, would it follow, that when we work in the Records, we would keep track of what questions we are asking, and the answers received? 

I have been amazed to go back several years and read my own personal journals. Words that I received have often brought tears as the recognition that the fruition of some event I asked about has indeed transpired.

The second part of the meeting comes from each person, asking a question of their own. Since each person’s Records are open to everyone, we gain the experience of being in other’s Records, and receiving answers for another! 

This group, then, is open to those who have taken a Level II class and above. Level II is about opening another person’s Record. 

As with all Consultations, what happens in this group, stays in this group! It also provides a “safe” place to work on our own issues. 

WORKING ON OUR OWN ISSUES, after all is what the Records help us to do best – unblock our issues, clear out trauma, get a new prospective and heal! 

I look forward to welcoming you to this group!!!​​​​


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Bob Woody

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