Welcome to the World of Akashic Records as Presented Through Akashic Evolution and Stevie Levine

The Akashic Records, as presented within Akashic Evolution, are the BASIS of an entire genre of tools (I will talk about this later) designed to help one grow in SELF Knowledge, Wisdom and Love. The Akashic Records are one of the most prolific tools of all the tools that I have ever come across. The potential to change one’s life, utilizing the Records is endless! 

Initially, when working in the Records to create this website, the terms Empower and Evolution were not as mainstream as they are today. The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, who you will learn more about as you delve into this site, asked me to utilize these two terms – Empower and Evolution. 

Each of us is evolving and growing in one way or another. While I spent 36 of my adult working years learning and growing, nothing could have prepared me for how much I would learn in such a comparatively shorter time period, about Empowerment and Evolvement, and what they truly mean, except the experiences themselves, of being in the Records!

What is Akashic Evolution? 

Akashic Evolution is a mission, a vision, a website, a community, a concept of teaching; and a bigger picture.

The Mission – the Mission of Akashic Evolution has always been to Empower, Enlighten, Educate, Encourage and Train individuals desiring to learn about, use or teach others about Akashic Records!

The Vision – to have a group of individuals who love the Records joyfully, enthusiastically and passionately, who come together to utilize the Records for the benefit of the Universe, their community, and themselves!​  

The Website – Akashic Evolution – was born originally as a gift that my husband Bill, and Richard Markette, the CTO of our Internet Company, created for me. Verbiage as always, was edited by the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. Kim Deppe, has taken the look and feel of this website in a new direction. I am extremely grateful to Bill, Rick and Kim for birthing the ideas of Akashic Evolution on the Internet plane!

The Community– Akashic Evolution also represents a group of people who come together both in Jacksonville and nationally. In Jacksonville, we have, aside from Level I though 4 classes taught, two groups that meet monthly – the Akashic Angels, and the Akashic Evolution MeetUP Group of Jacksonville – see more about these groups on designated tabs.

Nationally, Empowering Evolution/”Greetings From Akasha” newsletters go out to a group of people I have had the pleasure of meeting through other Akashic Record groups. Akashic Evolution members can also participate in an annual Gathering of Records people, which furthers our studies of the Records and exemplifies the magnification of energy that occurs when a group of Akashic Record People gather! 

A Concept of Teaching – Early on as I was learning about the Records, I was also receiving instruction from the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, regarding additional information to include in the teachings. We all Have FREE WILL! I was exercising mine for a while!!! As time went on and I became a teacher, the realization that we were all EVOLVING, caused me to know, that it was time to include what I was receiving in my teachings. Thus Akashic Evolution was born! There is an open door within the concept that includes new information and additions continuously. I am excited every time I teach a class and new information is brought forward which is then added to the teachings!

The Bigger Picture! Akashic Evolution is a part of Empowering Evolution! Anything worth doing, is also worth waiting on for fruition. Please take time to go to www.stevielevine.com to read about the mission, vision and tools that Empowering Evolution offers to assist you in YOUR Vision of Empowerment and Evolution! 

In the meantime, Welcome! Please explore this site to see What the Records could have in store for YOUR LIFE! ​

Blessings, Stevie​

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